Are you interested in revitalizing the surface of your skin without using peels or synthetic chemicals? At SKYN Clinic, our skin needling treatment is safe, effective and gentle on your skin.

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What is Skin Needling?

Also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, skin needling is a minimally-invasive procedure and one of the safest ways to resurface your skin. A medical grade, handheld device containing multiple tiny needles in the tip is moved slowly over treated areas, aerating the skin by gently puncturing it. These microscopic punctures then stimulate the body’s natural healing response without causing any bleeding or scabbing.

Skin needling has multiple benefits for the skin, such as:

  • Aerating the skin allows for better, deeper absorption of skincare products, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Skin needling achieves the same results as other, more extensive skin rejuvenation procedures that require downtime with no painful side effects.
  • By stimulating the body’s healing response, skin needling helps strengthen the collagen fibers that keep skin tight and strong.
  • Resurfacing the skin can reduce the appearance of light wrinkles and some instances of acne scarring and discoloration.
  • Elastin in the skin is also stimulated during this treatment, creating a surface that is smoother and softer.

This treatment is typically well-tolerated with minimal discomfort. Hyaluronic acid and cologne gel is used during skin needling to keep the skin hydrated as well as treat fine lines. Skin needling is often used in conjunction with other treatments as well, including theVampire Facial. These options will be made available to you during your consultation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Skin needling does not typically cause wounds or cuts to the skin. It is a non-ablative treatment, targeting deeper layers of skin while leaving the surface unscathed, and it is effective for all skin types.

Slight redness may occur after treatment, which typically fades to pink and subsides entirely the next day. As the tip of the skin needling tool is disposed of after every treatment, the risk of infection is minimal, and no cases of allergic reaction have been reported.

What Will My Results Look Like?

In addition to creating softer, smoother skin and reducing the appearance of light scars and fine wrinkles, skin needling can also reduce pore size and improve lax skin and stretch marks. Multiple skin needling sessions may be necessary in order to achieve optimal results. Our skin care specialists will discuss the best treatment plan for you during your consultation.

You will typically see skin improvement within a few weeks after treatment, with full results noticeable after a few months as the skin fully generates new collagen and elastin.

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