Lip Enhancement

Full lips are an attractive and sensual feature which give a sense of youthfulness. Aging can cause the lips to lose volume and definition, but lip enhancement with dermal fillers can restore this. Lip fillers are a popular treatment with all ages, and with men as well as women.

For long lasting, non-permanent and natural lip enhancement, we offer a range of fillers. The eventual choice of product we use will depend on the volume needed, and how long you want it to last.

Lip fillers can:

  • Create fuller upper/lower lips
  • Add volume, shape and definition to thin lips
  • Remove smoker’s lines
  • Lift a ‘sad mouth’
  • Lift away nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial lines)

Why choose SKYN Clinic & Apothecary for lip enhancements?

Our clients want a natural-looking lip enhancement, so it is important that a conservative approach is adopted, along with a skilled and experienced hand.  Our medical team has performed hundreds of lip enhancements in Georgia. You can be sure that your results will look natural.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Many lip enhancing fillers contains an anesthetic to minimize pain when the filler is injected into the lip. Where necessary the clinic has the facility and expertise to offer more pain relief.

Lip filler cost?

Depending on the type and amount of lip fillers chosen, the price for lip enhancement starts from $499.