At SKYN, we perform complete body trimming and grooming services, what we like to call Manscaping.  Many men like their hair but sometimes it can get out of control. That’s where SKYN can help.
There are several good reasons for keeping your manly body neatly trimmed, or Manscaped.

  • Trimmed body hair will keep you cooler in the summer time, or if you live an active lifestyle, it will help eliminate odor and bacteria.
  • Keeping a neatly trimmed chest, back, shoulders, and more will make you appear cleaner and send the message that you care about grooming.
  • Your body’s musculature and shape are enhanced when the body hair is well groomed.


BROW WAX: Our male brow wax focuses on preserving a thick, natural, masculine brow.

NOSE & EAR WAXING: Get red of those un-wanted hairs, don’t worry George Cloney does it too.

BACK WAX: Including the upper and lower back with special attention to any patches of hair that are along the sides of the back. Attention is given to the shoulders as well

HALF ARM: Only need your lower or upper arm waxed? We take care of that too!

CHEST WAX: Remove those hairs that she keeps complaining about. Studies show, Must woman love men with smooth, hairless chests.

WRESTLER/SWIMMERS and FULL BODY WAXING: Need all the hair removed? No problem Mon! We can take care of it all.

FULL ARM: Removes hair from the forearm, around the elbow and the upper part of the arm nearing the shoulders. Hands are included.

UNDERARM: If underarm area has been recently shaved, you may need to allow hair to grow for 14 days or until the hair is long enough to lie down on the skin, in order for it to be waxed.

STOMACH: Removes hair from the abdominal region (above and below the naval).

BELLY TRAIL: Removes the trail of hair from the naval down to where the top of the pant line begins.

UPPER THIGH: Starting two inches away from the bikini line, hair is removed from the front and back of the thighs. The waxing stops at the lower end of the knee.

LOWER LEG: Starting at the top portion of the knee, hair is removed from the front and back of the lower legs. Feet are included.

FULL LEG: Starting two inches away from the bikini line, hair is removed from the front and back of thighs, knees, and lower legs. Feet are included.

BUTTOCKS: The hair on the cheeks and in between the cheeks is removed.

LIP: The hair from the upper lip is removed.

CHIN: The hair on the chin and beneath the chin is removed.