Having clean, refreshed skin is not just a luxury for women. At SKYN Clinic, we offer an extensive list of services for men as well. Featuring hot shaves, laser beard removal and hair restoration, our Man Cave services have all the relaxation and benefits of regular skin treatments but are specifically designed for the unique cosmetic needs of our male patients.

Contact us today at our Suwanee and Duluth locations to schedule a consultation and find out what a day in the Man Cave can do for you.

Hot Shaves

Shaving the traditional way over the bathroom sink may successfully take care of unwanted hair, but it can leave red bumps and irritation on your skin. Hot shaves at SKYN Clinic begin by sitting in a cool reclining chair. Next, a hot towel is placed around the face to soften up the areas being shaved.

After the first hot towel, the face is then cleansed to open up the pores and leave the face clean. Another hot towel is applied to keep the skin warm, followed by shaving cream from a heated dispenser.

The shave is then started using disposable razors, which are thrown away after individual use and eliminate the risk of infection to your skin. After the first pass with the razor, another hot towel is provided. Shaving cream is then reapplied and a second pass is made.

Once the shave is complete, you will be given a cold, damp towel in order to close the pores, and masculine-smelling aftershave will be applied.

Hair Restoration

Our Scalp Aesthetics program is not only unique to the area, it is also the first of its kind in the United States. Using advanced methods and technology, our skin care specialists will thoroughly evaluate the cause of your premature hair loss. Through a series of precise steps and treatments, Scalp Aesthetics will restore scalp health and follicle vitality to promote healthy hair regrowth.

While hair transplants will eventually fall out, our Scalp Aesthetics program is designed to bring back your natural hair using holistic ingredients and treat your hair loss from the inside out.

Contact SKYN Clinic today to schedule a consultation and find out how a day in the Man Cave can benefit you and your skin.