Dermatologist vs Esthetician: Who Should You See for Acne?

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Dermatologist vs Esthetician
Who Should You See for Your Acne?


I am often asked , ” What is the difference between a Dermatologist verses an Esthetician?” This is a legitimate question, most people do not know the difference between the two, and the benefits that each of them bring to the table.
The Doctor or Dermatologist is some times the first choice for acne sufferers, but not always the best choice. They all have or use the same protocol for treating acne, which is usually a medical microderm once a month,  oral antibiotics 30-60-90 day supply, topical antibiotics, and/or prescription retinoids to try. If those treatments fail, physicians will often recommend a cycle of isotretinoin. For many acne sufferers, these methods have been met with frustration, and quite often abandoned. Research has shown that acne patients often do not adhere to physician-prescribed medication regimens.

Dermatologists study the diseases and disorders of the skin. Estheticians study actual skin care and beautification of the skin (how to fix or correct skin issues or concerns); for this reason some estheticians are employed by Dermatologists. The Esthetician does the manual and corrective work to beautify the skin. When it comes to Acne, studies show that it takes more than just internal medicine to get Acne under control.

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An esthetician can spend more time with you than a dermatologist. If you’re scheduling a skin treatment, the time spent with your esthetician will usually be 75-90 minutes whereas generally a dermatologist appointment will be anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

An esthetician will do a thorough consultation with you, talk about your specific skin concerns and goals,  needs, and deficiencies. Also listening to the history of your skin problems, gives the esthetician a  good picture of how your skin behaves. Simply put, time is on your side with an esthetician.

An Esthetician will also be more knowledgeable about skin care routines and/or products. Dermatologists are trained in diseases and disorders of the skin, they are not knowledgeable about product usage and what products are best used on certain skin types and skin conditions. This is something most Derms will tell you theirselves, but they are knowledgeable about what medicine to take for a specific condition.

There is always an on going myth that the doctor knows all……. That myth is extremely false. Yes, of course Doctors are knowledgeable, after all they have gone to school for years in order to practice. Each doctor is specially trained in a specific area of the medical field, and has knowledge about that area. Hence, the cardiologist treats the heart, the dermatologist treats diseases and disorders of the skin, the podiatrist treats feet.

The Esthetician is trained to correct and beautify the skin with the use of skin care treatments and products. Each person or branch of science helps to take care of a specific part of the body.

There are benefits to seeing both a Dermatologist and an Esthetician, but if you want to work with the branch that is trained, educated, and knowledgeable about customized, corrective skin care, an esthetician would be your best bet.


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