Why Shave Below the Neck

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We guys all shave our face or give our beards the maintenance it deserves. A lot of mornings are spent making sure our facial hair appearance is acceptable. We often take pride in our shaving & beard maintaining routines. It’s almost relaxing but, what about shaving below the neck? Should you be shaving below the neck as well? Why Shave … Read More

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets Revealed


Beauty Secrets Revealed I try to tell you guys…….. This is microcurrent or a Non-surgical face lift. It has been used for years by celebrities to tone, lift, and firm the skin. The mild impulses cause the muscles in the face to exercise and lift, while helping the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. Celebrities do this treatment all … Read More

The Life Cycle Of A Facial


Your skin is your biggest organ. Treat it well. Healthy skin is a necessity. Facials provide exercise for your skin and facial muscles. They help cleans and rejuvenate the sink. Hand stimulation helps to drain your lymph and cleans the skin of impurities. It also stimulates the muscles to react or contract, which causes the body to produce collagen and … Read More