Skin Bleaching

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  INTIMATE SKIN BLEACHING Do you have uneven skin tone in those intimate areas? Would you like to lighten parts of your body?   At SKYN Clinic & Apothecary our expert SKIN BLEACHERS trained by Dr. James E. Fulton, MD, PhD (co-developer of Retain A and award winning dermatologist and formulator)  lighten and/or bleach those areas that you are concerned about. … Read More

Shhhh, I got a Vajacial!


Vajacials are growing in popularity. It seems that all those Brazilian bikini waxes have taken a toll, and now it’s time for the Vajacial. Thank “Sex and the City” for the obsession with a hairless nether region, and California’s Stript Wax Bar for bringing us the Vajacial — an answer to the ingrown hairs and red bumps that some women … Read More